STM32 Primer2 RAISONANCE; STM3210E-PRIME/A; Eval; Evaluation Kit; STM32F103VE microcontroller;; Cortex-M3 EVK Microcontroller EVB EVM


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„The STM32-Primer2 is an innovative, low-cost evaluation and development package that is designed
to provide a fun and easy introduction to the features of the STM32 with ARM Cortex™-M3 core.
Based on the previous STM32-Primer (released in 2007), Raisonance developed the STM32-Primer2
thanks to an innovative design and a very active user community. With more user interface options,
longer lasting Li-Ion power supply, more hardware peripherals and an STM32F103V with more
memory (512 KB of Flash ROM, 64 KB of RAM) than before, the Primer2 is the complete, low-risk
environment for starting your application.
The STM32-Primer2’s ergonomic design with MEMS-based controls (navigate by tilting the tool left,
right, backward or forward), touch-screen backlit LCD display, a joystick, 4 menu push buttons, CAN
and IrDA a MicroSD memory card slot and an hardware audio codec with
microphone/speaker/headphones interface provide fun and easy control of the included demonstration
firmware that includes graphical user interface and games based on the resources of the STM32
The included firmware (CircleOS task scheduler, system services and demonstration applications)
implements low level functions driving the various STM32 peripherals. In addition, it includes features
for dynamic loading and management of new applications. All firmware, demos (C sources and
projects) and more future applications are available for free download at the STM32-Primer2
dedicated site,


„The STM32-Primer2 provides the following devices:
A touch-screen LCD color display (24-bits color, 128×160 pixels),
2 USB connectors:
1. One marked „Debug“ to connect to a PC running Ride for application development,
2. One marked „STM32“ that allows the embedded application to communicate with an
external USB host.
One 4-directions joystick with push button,
4 menu buttons,
An on-board microphone and a loudspeaker providing sound recording and playback
an headphones connector,
One accelerometer (MEMS) that captures the 3D-position information related to the STM32-
Primer2, and which is used to navigate through the menus, and to move the pointer,
One IrDA transmitter that allows communication between two STM32-Primer2,
One extra connector is linked to some unused I/O pins of the STM32 in order to add extra

STM32 Primer2:
More user interface, more features, more power… more possibilities to

Play explore and develop applications for STM32 with ARM Cortex-M3

core. Includes a complete hardware and software toolset:

• C compiler

• Ride7 development environment

• RLink debugger/programmer

• CircleOS to facilitate creating and Ioading of new applications

• Free demos including C sources

… and an online community at


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